Top Travel Tips for March Madness – Travel tips

Basketball fans beware, you’d better get your travel plans in place for the March Madness regional games and Final Four Championship now; expect flights and hotels to be sold out as soon as the teams are announced. Even if your favorite team doesn’t make it to the end, you won’t want to miss all the center court action at the most exciting games of the year for college basketball. So use this information to ensure your trip is fun and exciting instead of stressful.2011 March Madness Venues
Let’s start with the big event. This year Houston’s Reliant Stadium and the University of Houston/Rice University host the championship games on Saturday, April 2nd and Monday, April 4th. Of course, feverish fans will also want to attend the regional play-offs. This year, the West region will be hosted by the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA; the Southeast regional games will be hosted by Tulane University and take place in New Orleans; Newark NJ’s Prudential Center hosts the Eastern regionals; and the Alamodome in Austin, TX will be the place to see all the action for the Southwest regional games.General Tips
Of course, transportation is the big issue when it comes to attending March Madness games. The biggest cost could be getting to and from your city to the regional host city. Book your airline tickets as soon as possible. There are going to be lots of other fans taking the same trip so cut down on your time at the airport by prebooking your parking arrangements.Once you arrive, try to avoid driving your car to and from the stadium. Not only is it a nightmare to find a good parking spot, you will wait in long lines for hours after the game trying to get back to your hotel. Park and ride to the stadium for a stress-free experience.Information on the Championship Games at Reliant Stadium
Houston is a thriving city and Reliant Park, which is home to Reliant Stadium, is almost a town unto itself. Restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and even two post offices (instead the CVS and Walgreens pharmacies) are all handily located onsite. While there aren’t any hotels directly within the park, there are several located across the street – but beware of higher prices due to the proximity to the stadium.The stadium itself is quite impressive and boasts the first retractable roof to be installed on such a facility – although it is usually only opened for football games. There is a fee for parking at the stadium; once again, parking offsite and taking a shuttle to the games is recommended not only because it costs less, but because this is a much less stressful way to get back and forth from your hotel.If you choose to grab a bite to eat in Reliant Park before or after the games, you are bound to find many other fans of your team at the sports bar located around the stadium. Just look for your team colors and pick a place where you can enjoy the camaraderie of others rooting for the same team.March Madness is already underway while the regional and championship games are coming up quick. Be sure to make your reservations right away and use this information to have a great time!