Traveling Tips for Thanksgiving With Your Dog – Travel tips

It is less than one week now before the holiday season really kicks off with Thanksgiving day. For many people, that means that within the next several days they may be leaving to go visit family or friends for the Thanksgiving break. For thousands of people, their holiday trip will include bringing their dog or dogs with them.I know that things may get crazy as you finalize your travel plans. However, please be sure to take a pause to make sure that you have also thought about what it means to travel with your dogs and to make sure that they are also well prepared for their trip. Here are some things to keep in mind before you head out the door.Make sure that your dogs are up to date on all of their medical information and tags are current. Bring that information with you. It will be very important to have in the event your dog becomes ill on your trip and the tags will help in the event they get lost. But, make sure the tags include a phone number where someone can reach you right away. A home number is not going to help you become reconnected with your pet if you are not at home.
If you plan on flying to your destination then please check with your airline ahead of time. You want to make sure that your dog carrier meets the airline standards before you go.
If your dog is going to be flying, they will have to be in a carrier. Make sure that your dog is familiar with that carrier before the trip so that they do not get anxious the day they have to go inside of it.
If you are going to travel by vehicle with your dog then make sure that you have a proper restraint for them. Dogs should be restrained with a vehicle pet restraint or within a vehicular pet cage or crate. Just make sure that if they are going in a cage or crate that the cage or crate is also properly strapped down. This may seem like a lot but the last thing you want is for your beloved dog to become a projectile if you have to suddenly brake or are involved in an accident.
Bring something that the dog is familiar and comfortable with. This may be a dog blanket or a favorite toy. Again, this will just make the dog feel a little less anxious.
If you are going to be staying in a hotel then make sure that the hotel you have selected is pet friendly. Some hotels may not allow you to leave your dog in the room while you are out so make sure you have also checked into this and made other arrangements ahead of time.
If you are going to stay with family or friends then make sure that they know you are bringing the animal ahead of time to prevent any hard feelings and again to make alternate plans if need be.
When driving, take breaks often to allow your dogs so stretch their legs and use the bathroom.
Finally, you should feed your dog five hours before leaving and hydrate them two hours before leaving. Sometimes traveling on a full stomach can cause nausea. I had a dog who would get car sick anytime I had to travel anywhere that required more than an hour drive. I would even feed her the recommended five hours ahead to make sure she would not get sick and she still did. In her case, I had to make a visit to her vet before traveling for anti-nausea medication. Just something else for you to keep in mind.These simple tips are something to think about before you are ready to actually leave for your Thanksgiving break. I hope that they help to make your final preparations less stressful and to make your journey a stress free and safe one for you and your dogs.