10 Useful Travel Tips – Travel tips

Tip #1: Use Your Credit Card. Check with your credit card company in regards to their terms and conditions especially as they relate to when you’re traveling and making purchases in another country. Get clear on their policies in regards to transaction fees and fraudulent activity protection. Use your credit card in shopping malls and the upper-scale shops. Keep your receipts just in case. Use cash for smaller purchases. Get a little bit of local currency.Tip #2: Keep All Your Valuables In Your Custody.Things like your passport, cash and jewelery should go in your carry on luggage. Don’t check these in with your luggage. Call your airline and find out about their weight allowance policies before you leave.Tip #3: Dress ComfortablyDress comfortably because you’re going to be in a lot of uncomfortable situations. Bring a light sweater and maybe a compact raincoat.Tip #4: Carry A Contact CardBe sure to create and carry an “In Case of Emergencies” card with you. Something that has an emergency phone number and an address.Tip #5: Tell A FriendGive your itinerary and hotel phone number to a trusted friend just in case something happens and they need to contact you.Tip #6: Get Familiar With Local CustomsDo you shake hands or bow? Do women have to dress a certain way? Does the shops close down at a certain time? Are there particular areas to avoid?Tip #7: Make Some CopiesMake a couple copies of your passport and other relevant documents. Leave a copy with a friend and take one with you.Tip #8: Keep Your Eyes PeeledDon’t leave your luggage unattended in public areas.Tip #9: Get Your ShotsMake sure that your shots are up to date. Especially if you’re traveling to Asia or Africa. If you’re on any medications get extra before the trip. Keep some in your luggage, some in your carry on and leave some with a friend back home. Get your doctor to write you a letter stating which medications your on just in case.Tip# 10: Don’t Drink The WaterDrink bottled water. Water in a certain region may be fine for the locals but it might wreak havoc on you destroying your trip.