Great Travel Tips – Some Souvenirs That Really Last – Travel tips

I have been lucky enough in my life to spend some time traveling the country and have gone a few times abroad. In my travels I have noticed that the stereotypical “souvenirs” you find at gift shops tend to be my least favorite purchases. It makes sense that when you travel to Paris you want to get a cheesy little Eiffel tower model, but I want to suggest a few less common souvenirs that will really last.- Buy clothing, and I don’t mean only a sweatshirt with the name of a city printed across the front of it. If you’re a girl get a new skirt or a pair of unique shoes and guys can get a tee-shirt or a new hat. These are the things that you can wear more often and remember the trip you had on a daily basis, not just lounging in the house, or folded up in the dresser.- Get a new fragrance. Memories are strongly related to your sense of smell, so get a new fragrance and smell it for the first time while you are on your vacation. Use it frequently while you are on your trip. This means that for the rest of your life when you smell that, or something similar to it, you will immediately be brought back to memories of your travels. For me, it’s a lavender pillow spray that I got in Paris. Every time I smell lavender now I am back in France going on a stroll in a garden.Basically anything will do when it comes to souvenirs, but I recommend you think out of the box and you’ll be surprised how much joy you can get from an ordinary item as opposed to a cheesy hat or refrigerator magnet.