Travel Tips For the Solopreneur – Travel tips

Even an online business owner can’t always get away from traveling – there are workshops, mastermind meetings, client meetings, trainings or other opportunities to network face-to-face. As a solopreneur, you should have the freedom to travel, and also be able to enjoy it. That freedom is one of the biggest reasons you’re your own boss, right? Here are some tips to help make your travel – business or otherwise – as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so you don’t return back to chaos!Can your business run without you? If you have an effective team in place, you have the freedom to leave the day-to-day behind and focus solely on networking and marketing your business at the event/workshop/training. If you don’t have a team, now’s the time to build one!Decide – work or no work? With your team in place, you can decide whether or not you want to deal with office issues during your trip. If you choose to continue your day-to-day tasks, compartmentalize as much as you can, so you can focus on your workshop/event/training are not barraged by texts or phone calls during the day. Before travel, try to get your hands on the schedule, so you and your team can choose the best times during the day to take care of office business.If you are making a presentation or need to prepare materials of some sort for your trip, commit to completing them ahead of time. Business travel is hectic enough without putting off your workshop/presentation preparations until you’re ensconced in your airplane seat. Plan ahead so you can relax on the flight and arrive refreshed.Is your office prepared for an emergency? Chances are nothing will explode while you are gone. You can’t be too prepared, though. The last time I traveled, I returned home to a fried hard drive! It was a hard-learned lesson, and I will never again travel without making sure I have adequate backup in place, plus a “cushion” day reserved when I return to make sure everything is running smoothly.Are your clients aware that you’ll be gone? Prepare clients ahead of time and set their expectations accordingly. Let your clients know that their needs will continue to be met while you are on the road, and assign team members to care for individual clients as their needs arise. Set aside a portion of your daily check-in with your team to address client queries or issues.Are you prepared for whatever traveling throws your way? True road warriors have systems set up to take the hassles out of travel, and deal with snags along the way. Planning and preparing before you go will make life on the road and away from your office easy and smooth!